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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
When was the last time the $500 Part B honorarium and $2000 TC big 4 pay was changed?
TC pay is $2500 at some B4 firms! But there are B4 firms that also pay you trainee pay after your training (before youíre called to the bar) and your net pay is less because it goes towards tax and CPF LOL.. but with more responsibility.

I left my B4 firm recently for an American shop and my gross pay is $21000 (per month) now whereas in Jan 2020 I was drawing $1900 per month (after CPF).. It just shows you how B4 firms are grossly underpaying and I really hope thereís more of a push to increase associate salaries, which I feel are well-deserved? Some B4 partners will even say to your face that junior associates donít earn much and to suck it up (which is BS). It seems silly the associate pay in local firms is stagnant even after 10 years, without even accounting for inflation.. makes me quite mad which is why I left.
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