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Just checking you completeed your fellowship? Currently a FM r3 (taking mmed next year). I am not sure that FM mmed get 200k/annum from what I hear from my seniors. Also I heard that they removed the sign on bonus starting from the batch above me.

Based on my understanding, a private salaried gp can earn 13-14k (without locum) which is still slightly higher that a FM mmed even taking into account the lower bonus, and the need to pay for own insurance etc. But there is no progression, and I guess if you do fellowship, you earn more in ops eventually.

Funny thing is most of my batch all thinking about leaving for private (not sure of it's due to covid fatigue or what)
Edit: Replied to wrong post.

Too busy rounding to post a lengthy reply but suffice to say you need to take what you read online with a pinch of salt, with the hard push for FM these days from the top so many MOH recruiters have been instructed to tell gullible med students stories of entry level polyclinic doctors with the easy life making 200k a year, only because they need cannon fodder to staff the covid frontlines. Unrealistically high pay + non-specialised work = easy replacement by FTs whereas specialists are not.
I'm not a polyclinic doctor but my classmates who make way less than me are and they can attest to a different reality than what's posted by these MOH recruiters.

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