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The general advice when it comes to job hopping is to acquire at least a year at your old position. Not just for your resume sake ( 1 year employment history looks better than multiple 3 months - 6 months employment ), but to get your bonus and see if you'll get a pay bump or a title bump.

If you're sure that there's no incentive for you to stay then of course, just start interviewing and once you have an official offer, plan an exit from your old job. Don't worry too much about it, there's always a better job out there where you'll eventually find your passion.
Thanks for the info. its a contract job. the only incentive i get is a bonus if i completed the 1 year contract. Its going to be 2 months soon and i still think its not a suitable job for me. I tried to give it a shot, but even closing to 2 months, i still think its not the job for me.
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