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Your reply disgust me on so many levels.

"A degree automatic trump a dip?" A degree can't bring value to the table,what's the point of getting a degree in the first place.

"So many years take the degree for what?" Probably you repeated many modules that's why you spend so many years for a piece of paper.

"You think your experience so useful?" At least its practical and related experience that can bring values to a company

"1 Degree always better than 10 year experience." You disgust me. Its like telling your boss "BOSS! You should disguard your experiences employee who can bring in revenue and use me instead who got no experiences, require training, gain practical experiences first before I can bring in revenue, BECAUSE I HAVE A DEGREE."

People like you always prove that I was right to outperform degree holder, because I always prove it's what value that brings to the table, rather than just a piece of paper.
Then why I as degree holder when I join a MNC I get to promote to E6 from E5 but Dip holder only promote from E4 and rarely? In MNC, we also structure our promotion by paper qualification. Because Your 10 year experience is nothing compared to a degree! Please lah don't tell me how good your performance is or bring in how many revenue. Revenue is overrated lah, don't be lazy to and get a degree and you can also promote like us to E6.
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