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The real question is, how many people are getting those pay, or even the salary posted in this thread? 1 out of a 1000?

Found this on the internet:
Job title/grade: Associate Year 1 or A1
Pay scale: S$2,700 to S$2,900 will be the starting pay for fresh graduates with accounting degrees or ACCA qualifications

Job title/grade: Associate Year 2 or A2
Pay scale: S$3,000 to S$3,200

Job title/grade: Senior Associate Year 1 or S1
Pay scale: S$3,500 to S$4,000

Job title/grade: Senior Associate Year 2 or S2
Pay scale: S$4,200 to S$4,800

Job title/grade: Senior Associate Year 3 or S3 / Assistant Manager or AM
Pay scale: S$5,000 to S$5,600

Job title/grade: Manager or M1/M2/M3
Pay scale: S$6,000 to S$9,000

Job title/grade: Senior Manager or SM1/SM2/SM3 / Associate Director or AD
Pay scale: S$8,000 to S$15,000

Job title/grade: Director
Pay scale: More than S$15,000

Job title/grade: Partner
Pay scale: More than S$20,000 with profit sharing / bonus
Average salary per Employee:
Industry 2011 Quarter 1
Wholesale & Retail Trade 3,904
Transportation & Storage 4,305
Accomodation & Food Services 1,634
Information & Communications 5,601
Financial & Insurance Services 9,978
Real Estate Services 3,739
Professional Services 5,303
Administrative & Support Services 2,775
Community, Social & Personal Services 4,881

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