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Originally Posted by SuperDuperCannonFairy View Post
I consider myself doing well in a MMC. Started off as a Senior Engineer after my PhD and after 4 promotions in 8 years, now holds a job title equivalent to a Senior Manager. I earn around S$120K per annum, excluding stocks option and special bonuses.

As far as I know, I'm doing quite well. Or at least that's what most people tells me.

But by this forum standards, I understand that I'm probably just average. Maybe I am. But what about the staff under me? I know their pay and it is definitely in the low range based on what I see in the forum. My HR has assures me that we are well paid compared to what the industry gets.

Should I believe my HR? No. So what about headhunters? Had a few interviews, a few offers, but non so far is willing to match what I am getting. In fact, I didn't even get a chance for an interview when I told them what I'm getting now.

Yes, I know. Must be all the expats, the FTs. Funny thing is in my position, I often interview candidates for hire. Let's just say they are not getting above what a Singapore citizen of equal caliber would get. However, I must say that the number of good foreign candidates vs local candidates is probably in the ratio of 5:1. Sad, but true.

Believe what you will, after all, I am the Super Duper Canon Fairy. Or am I?
I'm in upper management as well in an MNC, just under 12 years working experience with similar post as yours. My annual basic is $190K, so i think you are fairly compensated based on 8 years experience. Like yourself, headhunters so far cannot match what i'm getting for my level of experience so i assume it's above average. My advise is for you to stay put since you are obviously well-established in your company and continue to progress upwards.
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