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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I think that was me in that other thread

bro did u read the FAQs or not?

Will i be considered if i do not have STEM Degree?
If you do not have a root degree in STEM, but have a minor/taken a few STEM modules, you are welcomed to apply.

u still have chance lol u really dont believe me? i got a friend from some maritime degree bullshat, he got into DBS SEED LOL

trust me, just apply.

if u have more than 2 YOE then maybe 0 chance, as far as I know they care about YOE mostly.
Dbs can mass hire for seed since they dont have any obligation to keep you after. If you are good they will keep you on perm and give you a good salary bump. If not, you will do the grunt work like writing tests, minor refactoring etc.. and be let go after the program, not much risk for them.
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