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Hey seniors, is it worth it to study medicine (as a prospective student)?
this is a question that cannot be answered with one forum reply.
so many things to consider...

there are super star doctors who go into private and rake in millions each year living in sentosa cove, but the majority will be working in institutions / clinics raking in 150-200k/ month on average. this is not considered high when compared to some other professions where you earn more at an earlier age or bankers / finance industry.

what's your family background?
- there are bursaries and stuff, but pay is also not high for quite a couple of years during your training years (esp when you compare to law / com sci graduates)
- if you are paying yourself, you need to pay off your med sch tuition fee which is currently > $100k after med sch
- coming from a below average background / sandwich generation, it has been a struggle for me to make ends meet having to pay for home / kid.
- if your family is rich, then not an issue.

what's your passion / aspiration? do you like working with people?
- you will be under appreciated, shouted at by seniors and patients, and over worked (and given claps by the public)
- you need to be very clear about your end game / the reason why you enter medicine in the first place. it is no where near what you see on Grey's anatomy / TVB / Korean drama.
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