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I consider myself doing well in a MMC. Started off as a Senior Engineer after my PhD and after 4 promotions in 8 years, now holds a job title equivalent to a Senior Manager. I earn around S$120K per annum, excluding stocks option and special bonuses.

As far as I know, I'm doing quite well. Or at least that's what most people tells me.

But by this forum standards, I understand that I'm probably just average. Maybe I am. But what about the staff under me? I know their pay and it is definitely in the low range based on what I see in the forum. My HR has assures me that we are well paid compared to what the industry gets.

Should I believe my HR? No. So what about headhunters? Had a few interviews, a few offers, but non so far is willing to match what I am getting. In fact, I didn't even get a chance for an interview when I told them what I'm getting now.

Yes, I know. Must be all the expats, the FTs. Funny thing is in my position, I often interview candidates for hire. Let's just say they are not getting above what a Singapore citizen of equal caliber would get. However, I must say that the number of good foreign candidates vs local candidates is probably in the ratio of 5:1. Sad, but true.

Believe what you will, after all, I am the Super Duper Canon Fairy. Or am I?
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