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Actually why join chain group? Why not just open your own clinic. If you have a specialization and can clobber 2 other colleague, you can easily start your own clinic. If you lack the funds let me know.
I have a in family medicine and 3 years of ops experience.
Women, children , old folks , depressed I can also do. Heartland folks love me as I can speak hokkien, teochew Cantonese and Malay . I frequently get good feedback from patient. The many 10 dollars I get each time I get a good feedback I eat Aston many many times.
Plus Im a registered acupuncturist and can deal with all sorts of pain , insomnia, for people seeking alternative modality of treatment.

I feel ops is under paying me for my talents.

Can u invest 500k for me to startup a swanky new chain?
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