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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
U gt prob bruh, people only askin why need to be so abrasive in ur reply
Logically speaking, ur applying for MINDEF, in an elite team thats supposed to know where, who and how to get its sources and resources.

You, generically speaking, ask a question in this forum, that u know only hr can answer, even the website got the answer, what does that speak about one's work to find out about the job he applied?

And SID are looking for someone out of their circle to avoid groupthink mindset, if u dont dare and cant take that kind of response do u think ur even fit for the role?

It is abrasive, maybe, but it makes the point.

Come on people, be more resourceful in ur data gathering, and this thread is for the infos only those who went through the process can answer. Isnt it?
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