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Dont worry abt the mohh bond. Can be waived. just need ur dean office to write a letter.

Many years ago i thought of quiting as well. So i sent an email to my assistant dean student affair. She immediately organised a meeting with me. I wanted to do history. But she was very nice and referred me to a practising senior clinician. I didnít quit in the end. And now just passed my exit exams.

I think u need to ask yourself what is your interest. Are u a people person. Year 2 pathology and year 1 physiology very different from real life doctoring . But do approach ur students affair assistant dean.

Do explore cs1010 if you wanna do computing.

I would like to thank prof marie veronique and nus yllsom for the support years ago.

I wish you happiness but really do approach ur students affairs.
Wow what are you specializing in

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