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Originally Posted by troysg View Post
Hi all,

I was wondering which banks provide the best savings plan and what type of account I should open. I'm not a high earner therefore I wish to save at least $200/month for a least 6 months and followed by at least $500/month continously. I was wondering what type of account should I open for better interest and which bank.

I would like to thank those for their sincere replies. Thank you
No offense intended, but I think based on the amounts you have quoted, it makes more sense to go with a bank with branches and atms near your home and office than go about scouting for interest rate deals.

Any difference is likely to be very small at <0.2% for similar account comparison and that hardly justifies incuring inconvienience for the additional interest. Banking in your scenario should be more about accessibility and relevance of banking facilities rather than pittance rate differences.
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