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Im sure we all know what happened this week. Especially to the people that Iím addressing. Multiple rumoured deaths by suicide occured and disappointingly, there was no attempt at communication of any sort towards the rest of the resident body to address this rumour/incident. Itís like the management team of PGP is jaded over the deaths of studentsÖ ďItís just another death, we donít really care, nothing will happen if this doesnít get leaked to the pressĒÖ is the kind of attitude we perceive from you.

Many of us were affected by it in various capacities. Can you imagine staying in the first floor and the trauma of having to witness the incident first-hand? What about those who witnessed it from the other blocks that surrounds the courtyard? How does the neighbour of the deceased feel? Does the emotions, thoughts and wellbeing of anybody matter to you? Or are you simply obsessed with keeping the name and reputation of NUS up in the high?
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