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Originally Posted by hycs16 View Post
Hey guys, Thanks for having a look at my post. Here let you guys have some basic information about my situation.

I'm 26 years old from HK and single. Currently, I am working in an international payment company ShangHai office. And the salary package is, cash 74,000 SGD / Yr + C&B 21000 SGD/ Yr (before tax. 11+8 % will be the tax, 76950 SGD will be after-tax).

76,950 SGD is good money living Shanghai, course there living cost and rent is not that expensive after you living local way.

Now have a Crypto-firm offering me 125,000 SGD to move to Singapore (For the most of salary they pay me in Crypto) which mean I only tax like 3000 SGD a year.

Wonder know if this salary can start a good life in Singapore. Thanks for reading this.
take the job, experience it and tell us later.

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