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Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have thought it through hard and I have decided to focus on what I have. Forget about ibanking. I have enough of the long hours, travel and stressful moments. I've been in it too long. Perhaps it will be a good change of lifestyle. The research job is much less demanding in terms of my time and stress level. I already am having high blood pressure due to my ibanking work. I don't want to die prematurely. I think I'll just work in this research role and get promoted along the way. Hope to retire by 50. Just downgrade to a smaller condo and live off my investments. Life is short.
Most senior analysts in BB will earn $350K+ a year, but to reach that level you need to have some recognition from major institutional clients either through internal or external polls. However, its no walk in the park. A good ranked analyst spends 3-4 months of the year traveling on marketing trips or corporate road shows and works many 20 hr days. The main difference with IB is that you build a portable franchise, which allows you to be mobile and get rehired when retrenched. Whereas in IB, unless you are really senior and well known in the industry the firms franchise is more valuable than your own.

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