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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not many use it because most of them are foreign expats that don't even live in the condos that they buy lol I for one use the swimming pool every weekend, same with the other Singaporean neighbors I know.

"status symbol" lmfao no one cares. Sinkies need to get over their pathetic Asian pride culture and realize that no one cares about your status symbol when you're a fat ugly pepperoni face looking ass from all the sleep deprivation, lack of proper nutrition diet and weekly exercise...

All that OT and grinding for work to overcompensate what you end up neglecting.

You want status symbol? Buy a Terrace house and a nice car. Condos are as prestigious as 5BR top floor HDBs.... Singaporeans are earning A LOT nowadays. 2m condos mean nothing, 5m terace houses are the new prestige.
What terrace house new prestige....lmao
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