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Honestly law is a good degree to study for. But just like any other industry, when you start working you might realise that compared to your counterparts, youíre struggling in practice.
Then thatís when you switch to in house or non law related work. If you go in to study law with that mindset youíll be fine. If you go in with the mindset of trying to earn big bucks and make partner in the shortest time possible, then youíll end up quite frustrated, especially if thereís a mismatch in your capability and the scope of work. Throw in the curveballs of life and youíll realise itís not always that smooth in practice. The only people have it really smooth (so far) are those valedictorian or adrian clark memorial prize winner. Everyone else typically hustles till natural attrition occurs.
To add, if you intend to work in local firm (like big 4 and make partner there), choose NUS law.
If your goal is to go international firm and work in London etc, then choose UK (LSE/UCL).
If after hwach/ri, you are lucky enough to get into Oxbridge for law, then thatís a no-brainer - just go for it, even if you need to borrow from distant relatives, etc.
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