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Your analogy of bulls charging towards a cliff edge is a biased one. How about bulls charging towards an escape route out of a burning valley?

If you wait awhile till the fog gets clearer, you may find that the bulls have already escaped from the death valley and the exit has collapsed, while you are trapped in HDB land forever. It is a long way back-up from down there.
I lived through many property cycles, it not good time to enter at such peakish state, but if one really needs a roof, get something you can afford i.e. < 4 x annual salary excluding wife income, annual bonus.

I always advise young couples to start off in HDB first, and upgrade when you have saved enough. As some posters say, it is better to sleep well at night than to live in condo and worry every night of huge mortgage payment.

Every generation will have a chance to buy property at distressed price during crisis. Young ones, be patient, just wait for your turn... property prices cannot go up in straight line forever.
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