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Hello, I just joined compliance role two months ago and Iím thinking of taking some courses, specifically ICA or ACAMS. Which is more recognised in SG? And I think I saw that ACAMS is IBF Level 2 so would I be able to take it with only 2 months of experience? To all those who took, how much did you all pay for it? Hope to get some help here, thanks!
I did ICA advanced cert (level 1), ICA diploma (level 2) and ACAMS (level 2). Both ICA and ACAMS are equally recognised in SG.

Yes can pass ACAMS with 2 months experience.

If office can sponsor you, grab it. For ACAMS, self-sponsored candidates can get IBF subsidy. I don't know if got same subsidy for ICA Dip. Rates are fixed in ICA and ACAMS. Won't change person to person. Must email and ask. Both ICA and ACAMS reply fast, within 3 working days.

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If you already have ACAMS + pass the sg aml regime exam, will you still take the ICA diploma in aml? Like same thing.
Yes, I still suggest taking ICA Diploma. Both ACAMS and ICA Diploma have own advantages. For example, in ICA Diploma you learn how to do risk scoring, gap analysis and manage (banking) product risk from design stage onward. CAMS will test on US Patriot Act, BSA, EU directives, Egmont, Wolfsberg, Basel, etc. CAMS SG regime exam will test on TBML ABS guidelines, CDSA, TSOFA, MAS, etc. Both ICA and ACAMS test for knowledge (fines, laws and fact-based questions) as well as logic (scenario-based questions). Its good to have all 3, ICA Diploma in AML, CAMS, and CAMS SG regime certifications.

Good Luck!
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