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3.5 years. First job straight after school. The figure seems high but it had some help from the bonus shift. Also, I was on an internal program for accelerate progression. My start pay was 4k+, coupled with the bonus shift adjustment, 8k is on the high side but I wouldnt say it was excessive against similar peers.

I know because when I changed job, there was a pay discussion and I still got 15-20%. If I was excessive versus my experience, I would think it difficult to achieve the same package.

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Fair enough..that's possible. Ya i know some foreign banks cut down on bonuses and increased staffs' basic pay.

U mentioned u have 3 years' exp? U mean in corp banking front office? What's your total no. of years of working exp?

If u only worked for 3 years, (i.e. u grad 3 yrs ago) and u are getting 8k+, that is really awesome..for someone not in investment banking/S&T.
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