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Hi, just checking if there are any mid career switch to MOE teacher after like close to 10 years in industry? I am wondering what is the untrained teaching stint pay and the NIE pay like. Is there CPF and bonus as well? And also after NIE, which grade and roughly how much is the salary range? (I have a masters degree)

Also, I heard that untrained teaching stint could be a year instead of half a year like what was stated in the website. Is that common?

I really want to try teaching but Iím holding back a little because of the pay drop especially during the untrained teaching stint and also in NIE. And also a little afraid to go out of industry and if I cannot make it for teaching, I canít go back anymore.
Do you have the passion and are you willing to use your rest time (lunch time, weekends, after school hours) to help students? If yes, go for it.

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