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Hi Liquid,

Either (1) take the MNC job or (2) scout around for more options.

In NO case do you take up the SPF job. Not without a scholarship. You will be at the lowest end of the food chain and at every turn you will be reminded that you are lesser than the lowest scholar. At each posting and pay adjustment, more and more scholars younger than you will overtake you and become your seniors, or become your supervisor and eventually become your commander.

If you have not dreamt of becoming a policeman all your life, then just forget it. The good starting pay is a trap. You get stuck in lots and lots of paper work and bureaucratic reporting. In any case, policing is no longer what it used to be. Do not be fooled by TV roles and Hollywood. You do not fight for justice and the well being of victims. Even if you do, you do not get the credit. But you do see a lot of ugly things and how the system fails people in need of help. You will be disillusioned and disappointed.

<Unregistered> who replied to your first is right. There is very little upside even if you persevere and try your very best for 10 to 15 years. So my personal advice is: DON'T.
Yup.. this guy knows what he's talking about..... I have struggled for 10 years... And there's no hope of ever becoming a somebody in the public service... They only look at your academic status to chart your prospect with the organisation... Better to join private.. becos even if you're not a scholar.. at least you still have a fighting chance...
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