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Try to give it a good thought. It isn't easy being a teacher nowadays. Work really never ends and a burn out is easy. Our mental well-being comes after the students'.

What is the pull factor from your current employment to take up teaching? And what is your expected salary? pay won't be a lot for mid career switchers doing the NIE stint. Doesn't matter whichever masters degree you have got because that is not taken into consideration for promotion once you are a full fledged teacher. However, first promotion to the next grade would be faster for mid career switchers. I have friends who did mid career switch from pte sector. Is drawing 5K plus after 6 years of service? If that's not okay for you, don't leave your current employment.
The pull factor is me wanting to be a teacher since I graduated almost 10 years ago? But I wanted to try other jobs first instead of going to be a teacher forever. But looking at the reviews of being a teacher really scares me. And I didnít realise the big pay drop then.

I heard that mid career teacher may start off with a pay with more than 5k? Iím looking at more than 5k after I graduate from NIE. But I didnít expect your friend to be receiving 5k only after 6 years. Probably because he/she switched into teaching much earlier? How many years of private sector experience does he/she have?

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