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What does people do when they resign? As in will they actualy follow up their work
Properly or tend to leave the mess to others? I think it's always the latter. Usually ppl are so burnt out and hence quitting, lost the motivation to do proper job anyway
Happy to say most people Iíve met are at least responsible enough to hand over properly. I even reckon for some of them, itís the most enthu theyíve been in their careers lol.

They probably wonít go the extra mile or even OT in the notice period, but are perfectly happy to pass you all the hardcopy documents, forward you emails, and empty their lockers for you to dig yourself.

Sometimes, out of a sense of responsibility for team members they consider to be friendly terms with, will do a bit extra to finish up nicely.

Of course the opposite cases so happen, where people tender and totally hands off bo chap.

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