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It's not that DBS is low, more like you are applying for too junior job. Associate is usually for ppl with 2-4 yrs exp, unless you are switching career mid way, i dun think 7 yrs of relevant exp should apply for associate.

I was from treasury side last time around 5yrs after graduation already manager, so I would think 7 years should be either manager or AVP. Bear in mind that titles in DBS like most banks is inflated one. Manager = Senior Executive, AVP = Assistant Manager VP = Manager etc.

er.. i dunno when you were in DBS but DBS doesn't have manager rank. They have a very flat rank structure which goes

Analyst -> Associate -> AVP -> VP -> SVP -> MD

Thats all they have for ranks.

I joined as an associate with 5 years of experience doing corporate credit at $4.4K. I had another friend join also as an associate doing risk management for bond valuations think he had ~$6k. Also associate too.

Unless you are clerical staff DBS does not pay AWS. So its strictly 12th months.

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