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Originally Posted by Nikkifuji View Post
Thank you

What about the increments annually? And also performance bonus grade break down? Do u know?
The below info is for NHG, from my perspective.

The weighted average annual increment was 3.3% for the past year, with majority receiving a minimum of 2.4%+$30.

Bonus is broken into 2 components (PB and CVB) and is released in 2 tranches in Jul and Dec of every year.

Jul Tranche:
For Performance Bonus (PB), I believe it's between 1.1 to 1.5mths, depending on performance. My 'A' performance received 1.4mths. There is an 'Outstanding' grade above that. I assume they get 1.5mths. This data has been collated from my colleagues who were there before me as well.

There is usually also a Corporate Variable Bonus (CVB) of 0.9mth+$X, around $500. Then maybe an additional one off $X, around $300.

Dec Tranche:
There is usually a 1mth CVB. And also Annual Wage Supplement (AWS, i.e., 13mth).

So your annual package is approx 12mth+AWS+CVB+PB=~16-17mths of your stated salary.
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