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Anyone else thinks that the Govt has been recently conflating FTAs and FDIs with the free flow of foreign talent on the CECA issue? There is some relationship but not a strong one.

FTAs and FDIs are mainly structured for the free flow of goods , services and capital.

Japan and Korea have a plethora of FTAs and FDIs but their language and culture forms a natural barrier to the free flow of people.

Australia and New Zealand have a plethora of FTAs and FDIs but they regulate the flow of foreign workers stringently.

Attacking the PSP using FTAs and FDIs is just a cover for their failure or perhaps unwillingness to regulate the massive influx of foreign workers.

The government is fully aware about allowing a foreign worker OVERFLOW because it wants to hurriedly create a bigger and bigger economy to justify its bigger and bigger salaries. the saddest part of the Singapore model of success is that the ruling elites/ policy makers are not on the same boat as the commoners who toil 24/7 which includes us junior/senior assocs/SPs.

Like George Orwell wrote in the Animal Farm, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
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