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Could I ask what CEP is needed? is P7 enough? Or must be P6 at least?
Don't peg your perceived career prospects or even self-worth to things like FHQ, FLP, etc. If you get the privilege of being on those tracks, great. If you don't, know that there are still many other doors open for a fulfilling career (including good salary progression). You can still go to HQ through Open Posting, and build your networks while there. You can still go to a different school where the environment better recognises and supports your aspirations, and has vacancies for you to move up the ladder. It's not healthy to keep comparing to others who have scholar privileges or given a red carpet to the fast track - you can't change it anyway. The system is not 100% fair, and it can never possibly be, but it is kind to people who are kind to themselves.
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