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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So rude. You're the one who asked

"anyways just thought of this- what specialties would you guys choose if not able to get into the specialty you want or things didnt work out as plan for whatever reason?

as for myself, on hindsight, i would prioritise two criteria- non patient facing and hibernating on-calls. money is not a deciding factor"

Volunteer work in healthcare admin satisfies your two criteria right? No calls. Non patient facing.

Non-patient facing basically mean no more practicing medicine isn't it?

Such rudeness. Just because it is not the answer you wanted to hear. Don't ask questions like this in a forum then cos you might as well reply to them ALL with the same answer

"You're not me. Why would you say XYZ work is more rewarding for me? Silly you"
Non pt facing means no more practising in medicine? Are you a doctor to begin with? Hahaha
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