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Hi I would like to check if anyone knows anyone who had gone through the facilitated posting to HQ before? May I check how the process is like?

1. Do they inform you and you have to leave the very next month?

2. Do you get to choose your HQ posting or was it decided for you?

There will be an info session ("tea session") early in the year. Recently it has been on Zoom for obvious reasons. The invitations are sent very early in the year, and actual info/tea sessions are around Feb/March. Afterwhich it will work somewhat similarly to open posting - you will be invited to view the list of available positions and rank your preferences. If they are interested to take you, they will reach out to you for interviews, and you will get offer(s) which you can choose to accept or not. The whole fHQ posting exercise should end by mid-year, and the posting is effective the following calendar year (i.e. if you go through the fHQ process this year, you'll move over in Jan 2022).

You'll know if you are on track for this. It is triggered by either a certain scholar status (usually TS(O) and above), or having at least a certain CEP while under a certain age.
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