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Private gp life not v hard la. U still have to satisfy them but their needs are simple. Need MC, some meds , listening ear, reassurance etc.
Aesthetics needs are harder. They want a better looking nose. So what is better looking. V subjective and because u charge them a lot, harder to satisfy.
Plus, u can't hit the ground running doing aesthetics. Someone must show u the ropes. And that someone isn't gonna teach u for free.

Mbbs is not enough to lecture. Yes u are a doctor but in academia, it is nothing. U can't teach any sci subject at JC, uni, polytechnic. u can't teach Medical students at any level. The most u can is lecture year 1 to 2 nursing student on some simple medicine stuff. Master of nursing students taught by at least AC level lei.
thank you for the insight on teaching. my misperception then. cannot even be a PBL tutor?

i once saw a private patient of my consultant and promised myself never to go private lol. hard to please...
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