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I don't know why aesthetic always comes up.
You think it's simple to serve pple who come in seeking perfection? Like it's some money that is there for u to take.
You tio one SMC complaint u Sian Liao. often it's down to you say, I say so who correct. In polyclinic got nosense complaint also no mood few days. I dunno how those doc accused of molest survive 4 years.
Lecturing? Erm, MBBS only lei. You neither here nor there. Go polytechnic 6k salary.
Pharma..haha, dude MBBS. What credentials do u have. Those 15k job in pharma is either u work up, or u bring so much experience to the job.
U only earn when u use your doc license. Either u sell Ur time as a gp and do so forever ,or u Slough it out 10 years in public to rise to top of food chain , be a consultant and chill.

Now a days a lot of post ns guy broke bond all lured by the easy locum money during covid. Sit there 100 bucks an hour and trade stocks. One month 15k easy peasy money. Hei...sure regret later.
yes with aesthetic medicine. but so is any private patients in other specialties. you think money so easy to earn meh? any specialty you go into, you are literally trading your time for money.
also aesthetic medicine is easily better than GP life.

MBBS not enough to lecture? I dont mean you fresh out of med school and then go lecturing. i mean you help a bit here and there, buff up your CV on teaching.
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