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For BBs & some other MMs, IB & S&T pre 2021 (there was recently a raise) both pay fresh grads a base salary of 9.5-10k/mth, with bonus ranging quite widely. This much I can personally confirm from my own experience, though there will be a raise to somewhere around 11-12k/mth for 2022 fresh grads & summer interns.

Heard stories of IBD bonuses hitting up to 100-120% of base for top buckets at stronger banks, but the norm is likely slightly below, maybe 80%? S&T bonuses tend to be a bit lower on average, given that they work 60-70% of IBD hours, have heard stories of 40-60% base being the norm. But these bonus stories are just based on hearsay, I haven't received my first bonus yet. Still, yearly all-in compensation (pre-raise) should have been safely about 200k++ for IBD, and 160k++ in S&T.

In 5 years, associates/AVPs should expect to more or less have doubled their total comp, but variance will be a bit high. For example, a good trader could possibly have already been made VP and be managing 10++m of PnL yearly, while many others could be getting mediocre bonuses due to poor performance, meaning they are likely to leave/be culled soon. Can't give meaningful figures here, as simple average figures are vulnerable to survivorship bias.

Don't know how much AM pays in Singapore
Thanks for the information. What about local bank IB comp?

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