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Originally Posted by Deringerbruhaus View Post
What an ignorant post. DRD and Bakers are worlds apart these days. Bakers is organised into regional profit centres these days, where as DRD is a 100% franchise model. The standards between Dentons offices differ to a scary extent. Bakers are getting the most prominent files these days, have made a number of prominent recent hires, and the recent pay hike reflects the forward looking strategy and growing profile of the firm. DRD on the other hand are languishing after departure of Mr Jeyeratnem, and console ownself by having many 'senior partners'.
Think you need to brush up on your comprehension or get your eyes checked. No one is claiming that DRD = Baker right now. Literally said that DRD was like Baker a decade back, when they were still on a franchise model. It was only subsequently that Baker moved onto its current regional profit-sharing structure.
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