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6 years working experience, first as a Sec sch math teacher and then in various policy roles in in civil service. Math degrees and Masters and was a govt scholar but I know all this donít really count for much. Have some tech skills like coding and data visualisation. Looking to switch to banking/finance industry as a mid career. Decided to take CFA and now studying level 2. Quite like what Iím learning as well as do my own investing on the side.

1. What are the prospects for a mid career like me who has no prior relevant experience? Will it be as if Iím a fresh grad?
2. What other skills do I need to beef up in my CV?
3. My current salary is about 100k. Will I expect to take a cut when I make the jump?

Your profile sounds a hell lot like mine. Was a chem teacher and completed the CFA. Left the moment my bond ended and somehow bumbled my way into buyside

1. Your prospects are worse than a fresh grad honestly. Many grad programs aren't even open to you. You'll need a fair amount of luck and networking to get yourself somewhere simply because teaching has literally no tangible skills that can be transferred.

2. Financial modelling and writing pitches. You will be asked to prepare a pitch for interview or you might want to send one out along with your CV.

3. Absolutely yes. I had a huge pay cut myself and I wasn't at 100k yet. You're looking at going back to fresh grad levels so you need to think very carefully if this is for you.
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