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Is that a general qn or is there something that you've heard that led you to the belief that DRD is a sunset firm? My understanding is that DRD actually bills more than the London office, and pay is competitive or even better than some B4.
Dentons, like Bakers and DLA Piper, are in the category of "McDonalds" firms in London. Many franchises worldwide, but reputation is by no means MC or SC level. Not saying they aren't solid mid tier firms. But then, the City is chock full of solid mid tier firms.

Difference is, in the Singapore market, being the white worshippers that we are, glue yourself onto any tom dick and harry angmoh firm and you'll instantly gain a boost of outsized prestige.

In the Singapore market, Rodyk's standing is exactly what it is: number 5. This has been the case for decades since the merger with HelenYeo, and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future, irrespective of the Dentons' branding.
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