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Iím the OP. English qualified US firm associates in the UK have to do a 2 year TC. I was a 1Y associate in SG, and I was a 1Y associate in my firm in London. In a way, it wasnít possible to cut my PQE because Iím 1Y. You may get a PQE cut if you move as a 2Y from SG but I canít say with certainty as I donít know anyone personally.

I know of someone who was a NQ (only with RLT + TC) in SG, and immediately taken as a 1Y associate with a US firm in the UK. That person got a PQE jump in a way, as other 1Y associates in the firm would have 2 years of training under their belt, while they had 1 year.

Itís also possible for you to be a 1Y in SG, and ask to be pegged as a 2Y for an associate role in a US firm. My recruiter was the one who suggested it but I wasnít keen because for marginally more pay, there are higher expectations placed on you as a 2Y. I think itís more important to look at the deals youíve been placed on, and your levels of involvement on each deal instead of solely focusing on PQE. Someone may have 1 year more experience than you but they couldíve worked on less deals than you during their training or only really handled administrative tasks as opposed to drafting/project management. Donít sell yourself short! Iíve found that firms in the UK are a lot more flexible with PQE but Iím aware that similar US firms in SG are not the same and would not take you as a 1Y in SG.
are you uk-educated? wonít it be hard to sell to london firms if you have only nus/smu on your cv(no uk exp)

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