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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Marketing role, private sector

2017 (Graduate intern at local tech startup) - 1.5k
2018 (Started first full time job in a tech company) - 3.2K
2019 (Promotion + Annual Increment) - 4K (25% increment)
2020 (Promotion + Annual Increment) - 4.7K (18% increment)
2021 (Promotion + Annual Increment) - 5.8k (24% increment)
2021 (Change Job) - 7.5K (30% increment)
marketing lmao what a lie.

Why people waste time BS here? A quick Google and u can see how much marketing earns lol or if u work at a company, just ask ur marketing friends....

7.5 lmao wait 20 years
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