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Originally Posted by ubehatune View Post
Using an anon account for obvious reasons. Some context: I'm currently an untrained teacher in MOE, and I'm already thinking about leaving the fraternity as I was told that I would not be going to NIE in December and I would have to serve as a contract teacher for another year.

This was on top of a lack of notifications from MOE in 2020 regarding my application. I had he interview in 2019, waited an entire year for a confirmation, and started in mid year. Stalled my own life plans for that, and now I'm told that I'd have to wait another year to get into NIE.

Three main push factors for me now:

1. The further wait of 1 year. This means that I will only go into NIE at the end of next year, serve a year of studies, and THEN become a basic teacher 2 years later. The environment I'm in is good, but I just can't stomach another year of forestalled progress when I have so many ideas of my own for my own business after doing a mid career switch.

2. The rigours. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching and it is my calling. If not for the students, I think I would have already killed myself. What they say about teacher stress is true. I'm already mentally weaker due to abuse when I was young, and the stress is something that I (admittedly) cannot handle.

3. Social anxiety is causing me to really struggle with interacting with my office colleagues, although that is somewhat mitigated due to my previous work experience.

So I was wondering, any fellow UTs resigned from their contracts before going to NIE? I would love to hear from you.
Hey! This happened to me in 2011. I was held back a year in school instead of being released to NIE and I really felt short changed. I'm a full fledged teacher now, going to collect my 7th year connect plan end 2021. I stayed in service because my contract untrained life showed me that I could take this life and endure it.

My opinion is that you're actually primed to LEAVE having seen how life will be like and definitely not liking it as a teacher. It's not going to get any better unless you shift schools or go to P sch level - but that too is not guarantee. If you are already on the edge as a contract untrained, it might be clear signs that teaching is precisely not for you.
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