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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Serious question. Is it true That Chinatown or small firms starting salary is 3k? Or how much is it?
I've heard it ranges around 3.5 (bare minimum) -4.5 (most small firms are closer to at least <4k), but that's excluding bonuses. You'll earn about 30% less than big law firms, but the difference will not be as big in the formative years (assuming your firms pays out around 3-4 months of bonus).

Also, if you're hardworking or good at negotiating, usually what happens is that associates will ask for a cut of the fees they generate. I've heard of chinatown lawyers under 3PQE earning 10-15k from chinatown firms, as they have deals where they get 10-20% of fees generated.

If you're not super ambitious, the partners make a really decent living. It's just that your earning at chinatown firms (those crim/family sweatshops) will top out at say 20-30k, whereas biglaw firms (if you slog for years and make it to equity level), will top out at alot higher.
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