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From yellow here, A1 audit since last sep. Heard out pay raise is the same but bonus varies across sectors.

A1 -> A2 (3k -> 3.4k)
Bonus range for avg performer: 4.1k - 4.7k
Bonus range for top performer: 5.8k - 6k

A2 -> S1 (3090 -> 4.3/4.4k)
Bonus range for avg to top performer: 6k - 8k

It's what I concluded from myself, my friends and A2s. I don't believe they have a reason to lie but take it with a pinch of salt, it should be more or less correct.
Salary figures are accurate but the bonus figures a little low. 2 months was the average bonus with top performers getting 3.1 months. Lowest I heard was 1.6 months.

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