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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
1 mth, but the team is severely short handed. No admin support, trainees or other assocs. The files and matters need a lot of handing over. Probably need to give even longer notice for transition.

What about application to firms like SLB, DRD? Anyone has thoughts about WP Corp or Eng&Cos Corp team?
Giving longer notice than required is a double-edged sword. It really depends on your relationship with your partner(s). If they are the nice/chill type, go ahead and give them a longer heads up.

But also consider - Are they the vindictive type? Will they pile you with work to extract the last bit of value from you? What if they want to make a clean break and instantly fire you (while you are still searching or have a waiting period before transitioning to the new job)?

The notice period is there for a reason, it is supposed to be a reasonable amount of time for you to handover the work and for them to find a replacement. It's not like, if they were to fire you, that they would be willing to extend your notice period for you to search for a job.

Shook Lin replies quite fast (1-2 weeks max usually), DRD is average speed (but depends on need/dpt).

WongP's corp team is female-dominated, not saying it is good or bad, but you should be prepared to work in such an environment if offered.
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