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hello,adding my two cents here.

this place is a complete nightmare and lots of ppl are near breaking point and burning out.I myself am considering following my ex-colleagues and quitting because the sheer stress and anxiety caused by the job is just too much. you'll always be carrying the blame for engineers even if its their fault for delays. imagine having to support insane number of projects on your own and then get thrown under the bus by engineers when they push everything to procurement.

they'll tell you that dsta is the center of excellence for public sector procurement and all that jazz about other agencies wanting dsta staff, but after going thru this shitty experience here, do you really want to do procurement again? most ppl end up hating the procurement role and leave for different field of work.

join if you are desperate but you better have an exit plan because very few ppl will be able to put up with the working conditions long term.
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