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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I just grad from uni with electrical engineering degree and i am unsure of what industry to pursue. I was thinking of going to semiconductor industry. do you recommend that industry? also do you have any other experience of other field that you can recommend me? Many has recommend to me to go for IT sector as it pays well but my programming isnt that good. If during interview i kena test, die lo. Maybe can do basic nia. otherwise gone case.
Congratulations on your graduation from University. It marks the ending of some theoretical study and the beginning of a new journey for some ptactical study.

It is quite common for fresh graduates that they feel nervous before their first job because 1) they are not sure whether they are sufficiently qualified for certain industry and 2) they have no feeling about how is the life in that industry.

For 1), it is not what you have learned from the University, but how fast can you learn from the industry that will determine how successful you will be. Nobody is sufficiently prepared from University study such that he can immediately perform well in the industry without the need for further training or continuous learning. Many employers will indicate their job openings with "fresh graduates welcome to apply". This means their expectation will not be high. So, just proceed to apply if you are interested with that position.

For 2), I do not have working experience in any industry other than semiconductor manufacturing. This industry is challenging with fun. There will be different issues almost everyday, big or small, to be solved by engineers, and sometimes urgently. But, not every issue has a solution, or the solution is not satisfactory, or it takes long time to solve. That is the time you will feel frustrating. But when the issue is finally solved, you will be recognized by the managers and you can enjoy the fulfillment. If you are good at or interested in problem solving, massive data analysis, logic reasoning, inter-personal communication and collaboration, and do not mind living in a fast-paced environment, then you may consider to join this industry.

Since you are fresh graduate, just go ahead to start your very first job. If you feel it is not suitable later, you still have time to try other industry. So, no need to think about too much and over-worry unnecessarily.
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