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May I just add that back pain is just a really bad example.
Most doctors including spine surgeons have no clue what's happening.
Traditional approach to back pain is taught by orthopaedic surgeons who are just interested in ruling out cauda equina, PID and radiculopathy, and couldn't care less unless the patient wants surgery. If you've ever worked in a spine clinic you will know what I mean.
Back pain management is multi faceted, and hence the need for guidelines to form some basis for management, along with managing the ICE of the patient.

So there is no point debating about either extremes.
OP said - guidelines only for mmed doctors, no point reading it.
another guy says - just do what the patient ones, manage ICE.
we all know the truth is somewhere in between.
know what the rules and guidelines are, and gain enough experience and clinical acumen to bend the rules when required.
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