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Question Career Switch To Be A Teacher

Hi, i have an intention to switch career from a senior manager equivalent position in the semiconductor industry to a teacher, preferably in the post-secondary or secondary schools. I am a PhD degree holder from the school of EEE, NTU, and have 14+ years of working experience in the semiconductor industry.

Before i make the final decision of this career switch, i have below list of questions. Can any seniors from the education sector help to share your valuable thoughts? Thank you in advance!!

Q1. Is it possible or common for such career switch? I mean for applicants like me without any teaching experience?

Q2. What is the procedure to be officially qualified for a teacher if there is an offer from some school? From this forum, i understand that the candidate needs to start with a teaching stint (1 yr) followed by the NIE training (16 mth) to obtain the PGDE. Is this procedure applicable to all candidates, regardless of qualifications?

Q3. What is the workload? From this forum, i see a lot of negative descriptions which are quite scary. I would like to understand some quantitative information such as 1) total number of working hours per week, 2) time allocation percentage between teaching and administrative / miscellaneous.

Q4. What is the remuneration? I would like to understand the monthly basic salary (estimated range) based on my qualifications mentioned above. How many month will be paid per year? Is there any other type of bonus or allowance?

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