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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can agree with the above. If there is an offer from MNC, just think carefully why you want to forgo it.
In the early stage of career, try to build up earning capability. You can decide on alternative options at a later stage.
Once your domain is set, which is normal for MNC because job scope is usually well defined and specific, usually its hard to try to apply to other domain jobs a few years later on. HR will rarely consider you anymore. My friends and I have the same sentiment in our group chat. ie. Database Engineer to Software Engineer.

Also I have friends who are easily bored so they enjoyed the flexibility of changing job scope every few months and explore a lot of different tech stuffs in a SME.

But at the same time in-dept domain is very good for your career as the more specialised you are, you are worth more and able to demand higher salary to solve problems others canít. Thatís if you donít dislike your job at the very least.
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