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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Is it better to go sme or mnc for fresh grad?
always go MNC.

Better benefits, better promotions, pay, looks good on resume.

For example, during this WFH thing, alot of MNC provides $$$ for you to buy WFH gear. My company gave me $750 to get monitor and secret lab chair lol. My other friends at SMC don't even get anything....

At SMC, u say u need chair they just tell u take from office or come back office work.

I'll never understand anyone who joins SMC. You either suck or you want to do specialized things like game development, medical tech graphics, etc then in that case SMC is fine. Otherwise, MNC, always...

Even for uni interns, MNC pays are always 30-40% more. Can't imagine a uni intern getting $800, kena scam hard.
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