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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Is it better to go sme or mnc for fresh grad?
IMHO, I think the best would be unicorn startups if can. Since they have the funding (wonít worry too much you will be laid off as compared to very small company), there would be seniors to learn from, and less red tapes to explore different stuffs. MNC will be very structured, hierarchical and domain focused so your skill-set will be in-depth but less versatile. Unless you have strong financial backing and donít have to worry about money then startup might be more fun/less boring since you can directly discuss your suggestions with the boss and explore different solutions and use your creativity and perform.

I have friends who have joined startups and have jumped ship because they were laid off (company not doing well), salary delay (cash flow issue), and low salary increment. And then there are those who still stayed because money isnít an issue for them. Think long term. You are only young once. Good luck.
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